Our staff have many years experience in the design and construction of belt systems to meet a variety of needs and purpose.

We can advise clients on the best solution for their particular application and then design the system. As an independent company, we are also able to specify components from a range of suppliers, ensuring the best outcome for the client at a price to meet their budget.

As with all work done by Reliable Conveyor Belt, our quality accreditation, and commitment to delivering excellence in customer service apply to all consultation and design work.



With offices in Newcastle, Mudgee, Muswellbrook, Lithgow and Parkes - each backed by a fully equipped workshop and well trained staff - Reliable Conveyor Belt takes pride in being readily accessible to clients and in providing prompt, 24 hour, seven day service to all callouts.

We understand the importance of conveyor systems to the viability of any operation and know that unscheduled down time is costly. All staff are "on call", enabling a rapid response to breakdown calls and minimising your lost production time.



Reliable Conveyor Belt can undertake repair and/or refurbishment of belts and belt systems.

Our experienced staff will rapidly assess the nature and extent of your problem, recommend and carry out appropriate repairs to return the belt to service.

Where refurbishment of existing systems is required, a thorough assessment of the belt's use will be considered as part of the planning process.

Once the belt system is refurbished and operational, all work is guaranteed for 12 months.



Assessment of your existing plant and equipment can be a vital strategic planning exercise. Reliable staff are well placed and equipped to assess your operations needs and the capability of existing plant to meet those needs.

A full report of each assessment and audit is prepared, providing a vital reference document, which assesses your system in the context of your plant's specific identifiers.

Digital photography can be utilised in all conveyor analyses conducted by Reliable. Tensile testing of belts for strength can be included in reports, as well as ultrasonic analysis for measuring cover thicknesses and internal conveyor belt examination. This allows a ready assessment of the suitability of equipment for its purpose.

This information can be vital in any decision to upgrade plant and equipment, and/or to assess capacity of your existing belt system to cope with ongoing belt life and any planned increase in loads, or planned expansion of operations.