Continuous improvement is no idle claim at Reliable.

Revision of the Site Specific Safety Management Plan (SSSMP) and the Site Specific Environment Management Plan (SSEMP) involved an examination of the needs of our client base, examination of best practice procedures and relevant legislation. As a result of the changes, we have received numerous positive comments from clients that our SSSMP and SSEMP are best practice.

Fatigue management continues to be a key issue for Reliable. Our employees are required to travel extensively to our customer sites and to respond to customer needs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Fatigue Management is taken into account in our Job Safety Environment and Quality Analysis (JSEQA) and risk assessments.

Quality is a high priority for all work undertaken and is reinforced in our policies and procedures to the extent that quality is incorporated into our assessments for work tasks “Safe Work Method Statements and JSEQ Analysis”. We work to maintain our Quality Accreditation and for several years now we have not received any non-compliances.

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