Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal L6 conveyor belt changeout – completed ahead of time.

In June 2008, Reliable Conveyor Belt won the contract to install 7600metres of 2000mm ST2240 steel cord belt at Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal on their L6 Jetty Conveyor. This job involved the pre splicing and flaking out of 17 x 447metre rolls of belt prior to the shutdown, to allow the continuous installation of the belt during the shut and dramatically reduce the shutdown window required.

Due to the majority of the conveyor system running over water access was very limited and therefore the area for flaking the belt out was 124.4 degrees to the conveyor. This meant a turning station had to be designed, engineered and manufactured to turn the belt, whilst still managing the loads and minimum bed radius required to ensuring no undue stresses were placed on the belt or the equipment.

The belt was removed using a 70T capacity belt winder and 2 Hagglunds drives were used to reduce the loads from the friction of the belt stockpile and also the loads of the belt being removed from the system.

Shown below are some of the statistics:

Task completed in 90 hrs – a world class achievement (planned 138 hrs)

  • Installation speed 10 meters per minute
  • 7600 metres installed
  • Total 560 tonnes of belt flaked and installed
  • 17 splices completed
  • Belt spec 2000mm wide ST 2240- 9mm on 5.5mm Goodyear belt
  • Belt turned at 124.4 degrees
  • 7600 meters removed
  • Total 450 tonnes removed
  • 2448 steel cords removed/prepared and laid

Previous comparable:
L5 – 7500m in 2007 – 168hrs and L5 – 7500m staged 1995 – 400hrs.

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