In May/June of 2009 Reliable Conveyor Belt were engaged by Port Waratah Coal Services at Kooragang Island in NSW to pre splice 4 x 300m rolls of 2000mm ST1800 Goodyear Steel Cord Belt.

The requirement was to have two rolls, pulley cover up, for installation on the return strand and then using a mechanical join we rolled up the next two rolls carry cover up to allow for installation on the carry strand. This allowed us to have a total of 1200mtrs (approx 84T) pre rolled onto our 150T capacity belt winder. The outcome of this meant that during the shutdown window only 3 splices needed to be completed rather than 5; resulting in a considerable reduction in the shutdown window required.

During the shutdown outage the belt on the existing system was cut to allow the removal of a redundant stacker, including pulling the belt that was threaded through the machine.

A second 70T capacity winder was then used to pull 1200mtrs of steel cord belt off in 4 rolls, 600mtrs of belt was then fed onto the system and around the new stacker that had been installed, the remaining 600mtrs was then installed onto the return strand and all three splice were completed.

The major equipment utilised for the job included:

  • 1 x 150T Capacity Belt Winder
  • 1 x 30T set of Belt Stands
  • 10T Capacity Winch
  • Purpose built splicing station
  • 1 x 70T Capacity Belt Winder
  • 2 x 2000mm wide Vulcaniser
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